Welcome to Industry Club
 Jessica Davis 
Julie Johnson  

Kim Swyers

Upcoming trips in March

     Participation and willingness to learn about new careers within Clarion Area. Students must maintain  a passing grade in all classes in order to attend the field trips. 

    Club meetings are planned throughout the school year, beginning in December of the school year, in the Choir Room.  We will plan some Club trips for times after the school day.  Industry Club is open to students in grades 7 - 12.  We research and observe different career clusters in the Clarion area.  Field trips and fun are always included in Industry Club.  We participate in an Expo every spring and compete against other Industry Clubs.  At the end of  the year we have a banquet as well.
Taken 2nd place in the Industry Club Expo, 3rd place all the other years 
Some of the places we've been to are The Bat Factory,  First Untied National Bank, The Mattress Factory,  The Pittsburgh Zoo, Clarion Boards