Juniors can sign up beginning September 18, 2017
Final Sign up Deadline:  Friday, September 29, 2017

Open to Juniors only beginning September 18
Open to Sophomores beginning September 25

Test Date:  Wednesday, October 11 periods 1-5A

Cost:  $16 Cash or Check (made payable to Clarion Area School District)
Scores will be distributed:  In December 

Mrs. Pennington will meet with PSAT test takers on Friday, December 22 during periods 6 & 7 to return and review scores with students.

Kaplan cram sessions for the SAT: 5/19, 5/27, 5/30 - Students can prep for the June SAT for only $30, and get the high-quality review they need for the SAT Math and Verbal sections. Single sessions are $30, combo reviews are $50. All lessons are live online and taught by Kaplan experts. Students can register at

Visit for FREE SAT/ACT prep information and to register for any of the practice tests or lessons .

SAT Testing Dates and Locations 
(Only Clarion Location is  listed below)
Additional test dates and locations, as well as late registration dates can be found at 

DATE                                                    Registration Deadline                              Location        
November 4, 2017                          October 5, 2017                                        Clarion  Area High School  
December 2, 2017                          November 2, 2017                                   Clarion  Area High School
March 10,  2018                               February 9, 2018                                      Clarion Area High School
May 5, 2018                                      April 6, 2018                                                Clarion Area High School

To register for test go to 

Free Prep booklets can be obtained in the Counseling Office as well as full length SAT Study Guides can be borrowed in the Counseling Office or purchased online.
Additionally, Free Prep can be found online at and tailored to your  academic needs.

ACT Testing Dates and Locations 
(note these are only local dates and locations additional information can be found at

DATE                                                    Registration Deadline                              Location        
October 28, 2017                            September 22, 2017                                 Clarion & Brookville 
December 9, 2017                           November 3, 2017                                     Brookville
February 10, 2018                           January 12, 2018                                        Clarion & Brookville
April 14, 2018                                      March 9, 2018                                             Brookville 
June 9, 2018                                       May 4, 2018                                                  Clarion
To register for test go to

Full length ACT Prep Guides can be borrowed in the Counseling Office or purchased online.
Additionally Free Prep can be found online at .