DEA Operation Prevention Video Challenge
Prescription opioid misuse and heroin use have reached epidemic levels.  Create a 30-60 second original Public Service Announcement.  Submit your video for a chance to win$10,000 and other great prizes.  Contest is open to students in 9th through 12th grade. Visit for complete details.  Entry submission  period is December 6, 2016 and ends March 28, 2017.  

PA Parks and Forestry Association (PPFF) Stewardship Poster and Video Contest
Create an original poster that will educate and inspire people with its message to steward our state parks and forests.  Contest is open to middle school students grades 6-8. Visit for complete information.   Deadline January 16, 2017

2017 PA Severe Weather Video Contest
Record and edit a 25 second flood safety video with the message:  "Turn Around, Don't Drown". Open to PA students in Grades 7-12.  Videos must be in a video format that can be played on  The best videos (based on creativity, orginality, message and overall presentation) will be selected as winners, with one video being selected as the overall state winner.  Visit for complete details.  Information is also available in the counseling office.  Contest ends 1/31/17.

The RIU Driver Education Training Program
RIU 6, in partnership with ARIN IU, offers Driver Education Training consisting of two parts:  1) a theory course and 2) behind the wheel training.  The theory course is available online through ARIN IU.  The price is $125.  This is an instructor led course which takes 30 hours to complete.  The behind the wheel training is six, 1 hour sessions, and costs $220.  Students must have taken the theory course and have their permit.  For more information contact Kevin Watkins at (814)297-5106 or visit  To view a flyer, click on the link below. 

6th - 8th grade - Topic:  "What Does The American Flag Represent?"
9th - 12th grade - Topic:  "Should The American Flag Be Protected From Desecration?"
Stop by the counseling office for more information or visit 

Internet Essentials from Comcast
Affordable high-speed internet to your home for $9.95 per month.  Eligible households must have at least one child who is :  eligible for the National school Lunch program or receive HUD housing assistance, live in an area where Comcast Internet Service is available,  has not subscribed to Comcast Internet within the last 90 days, does  not have outstanding debt to Comcast that is less than one year old.  Visit or call 1-844-252-7452.