Statistical Profile

Clarion Area School District


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Clarion Area School District to graduate students with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and character necessary to become productive and responsible citizens.

Clarion Area Jr/Sr High School

219 Liberty Street

Clarion, PA 16214

(814) 226-8112

CEEB Code – 390-663 

Clarion Area School District is located in the heart of Clarion County in scenic Northwestern Pennsylvania and serves the needs or four municipalities including Clarion Borough and Monroe, Paint and Highland Townships. Clarion Borough is also the home of Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Overall the school district encompasses 71 square miles. The district is noted for its emphasis on academic excellence, its outstanding fine arts program, small class sizes, a high extracurricular participation rate, modern facilities, and a safe environment.


Administrative Team

Dr. Michael Stahlman, Superintendent

Mr. John Kimmel, Principal

Mr. Brandon Maines, Director of Special Education


Counselor, Mrs. Rosary Pennington                               

School Nurse, Mrs. Tedra Craig

Athletic Director, Mrs. Nancy Mills


Number of Teaching Faculty: 27 

District Total Enrollment: 800

High School Total Enrollment: 368                             


Testing Program

Grade 12                               SAT I & II, ACT, ASVAB, Advanced Placement

Grade 11                               PSAT/NMSQT, SAT I & II, ACT, ASVAB,

                                                Advanced Placement, Keystone Exams

Grade 10                               PSAT, Keystone Exams, Advanced Placement

Grade 9                                  Keystone Exams


Grading System                                  Transcript Key

A = 93 - 100                                          AP - Advanced Placement               

B = 85 -   92                                          * - Weighted Courses          

C = 76 -   84                                          DE – Dual Enrollment

D = 69 -   75                                         CR - Credit Recovery

F = 68 & below – no credit                

P = Pass

F = Fail       


Graduation requirements shall include course completion and final grades, completion of a culminating project and additional requirements set forth by Pennsylvania School Code.

 The instructional program shall include:

 English                                    Four (4) Credits

 Social Studies                      Four (4) Credits

Mathematics                         Three (3) Credits to include topics in algebra, geometry, statistics, and                                                                 calculus

 Science                                   Three (3) full year courses to include biology and 2 additional credits

 Math OR Science                One (1) additional credit in math or science (Career Center students do                                                                     not need this extra credit)

 Physical Ed/Health            One (1) physical education credit to include 4 years of participation and                                                                   One(1) course of health                                                         

Total Credits                         24 minimum, with Six (6) major courses plus physical education each year                                                         minimum course load 

The high school project shall include the completion of a Portfolio compiled during the student’s high school career.  The Portfolio must include, but not be limited to: 

* A career research project                                               

* A resume 

* A self-reflective letter of recommendation

*Participation in the Senior Career Expo    

* One job shadowing experience and accompanying thank you letter

* Two postsecondary planning activities

* 12 hours of community service

* High school transcript

* Formal Portfolio presentation 

The high school project shall be completed under the guidance and direction of the high school faculty.  The purpose of this project shall be to assure that students are able to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding.   

 Honors Diploma: An Honors Diploma is awarded to any student completing prescribed sequence of rigorous courses including Enriched and Advanced Placement courses. A minimum grade point average of 95% is required to receive this honor with no course grade lower than an 85%. On average, about 5% of Clarion Area seniors achieve this annually. 

Special Programs 

Advanced Placement Courses:  Language and Composition, Literature and Composition, Chemistry, US Government and Politics

Dual Enrollment:  Qualifying students may begin their college experience while still in high school through dual enrollment courses at Clarion University

College in High School:  Students enrolled in AP Chemistry and/or College Physics have the opportunity to earn college course credit through University of Pittsburgh.

Clarion County Career Center: Students may enroll at the career center for half day technical education for Allied Health, Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Computer Technology, Cosmetology, Construction Technology, Diesel Technology, Police Science, Welding and Fabrication.

Pupil Enrichment for Gifted Students, Learning Support, Emotional Support and Life Skills


Course Offerings and Grading 

The high school curriculum is organized around an eight period day with 45 minute periods. Required and elective courses are offered as yearly and semester courses on a two day cycle. For additional information about course offerings, please visit our school web site where you will be able to access the high school course guide. 

Report cards are distributed four times per year. Grades recorded as numeric percentages are averaged at the end of each school year. These final grades are recorded on the high school transcript. Weighted courses have an additional four points added to the final grade.  Weighted grades are used for grade point average calculations and ranking purposes. All Advanced Placement courses and enriched courses are weighted as well as third and fourth year foreign languages. Physical Education and Pass/Fail courses are not included when ranking and computing grade point averages. 

College Boards and Advanced Placement Results 

Seventy-nine percent of our 2017 graduates took the SAT I at least one time before graduation.  Mean SAT results for 2017 CAHS graduates were evidence based reading/writing 561 and math 546. Mean results for the state of Pennsylvania were reading/writing 540 and math 533.

Clarion Area students took 12 ACT exams in 2017. Mean results were English 21.6, math 23.4, reading 22.9, science 22.6 and composite 22.8.

 In 2017, Thirty-five Clarion Area students took 65 AP Exams with thirty-nine scoring a three or above resulting in a 60% success rate.

     Postsecondary Plans 

Attending a 4 year college                                             67%

Attending a 2 year college                                              6%

Attending Vocational or Career Schools                   5%

Military                                                                                      3%

Employment/ Other                                                           11%

Unknown                                                                                  8%

(The above figures are taken from the pre-graduation survey of the Class of 2017)