Health Education I

Health is a required course for 8th graders.  It is my goal to teach, challenge, and support every student. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to:
*Analyze factors that impact growth and development between adolescence and adulthood
-relationships, interpersonal communication, risk factors, abstinence, STD and HIV prevention and community
*Analyze the interdependence existing among the body systems
*Analyze factors that impact nutritional choices of adolescents
-body image, advertising, dietary guidelines, eating disorders, peer influence, athletic goals
*Analyze prevention and intervention strategies in relation to adolescent and adult drug use
-decision making/refusal skills, situation avoidance, goal setting, professional assistance, and parent involvement
*Analyze how personal choice, disease and genetics can impact health maintenance and disease prevention
*Identify and describe health care products and services that impact adolescent health practices
*Analyze the relationship between health-related information and adolescent consumer choices
*Analyze media health and safety messages and describe their impact on personal health and safety
*Analyze and apply a decision-making process to adolescent health and safety issues
*Explain the interrelationship between the environment and personal health

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