Physical Education

Clarion Physical Education Department Policies

Mrs. Magagnotti and Mr. Murtha

A New Era has Dawned… Physical Education is about Student Choice, Student Ownership, Trust, Student Responsibility and STUDENT GOALS!

Each day students will be able to choose from a variety of activities based on their goals.  These activities include but are not limited to daily challenges in the fitness center, zumba, p90x, and other video led exercise routines, a strength training workout in the weight room for an in season athlete, or those preparing for their season or just have the love of lifting and sports and games in the gym.

Points: Each day will be worth 20 points.  Points will be awarded for participation, effort, attitude and dress (safety and preparation).  Make up points will be awarded for additional outside of class physical activity (sports, dance, walk the dog, shoveling snow, push mowing grass, yoga, YMCA, MMA) Activities MUST be logged in daily fit log ( and be a minimum of 20 non stop minutes. 4 logs will constitute a full make up class. These are MAKE UP POINTS  NOT  BONUS POINTS!  MAKE UP POINTS CAN NOT BE USED FOR A LACK OF PREPARATION OR EFFORT (ie: Forget clothes or shoes, didn’t change or gave minimal effort!)

Dress:  Prepared to be active, athletics shorts not a lot of pockets, which could be dangerous to thumbs/fingers.  T –shirts.  Athletic shoes which fully enclose the foot for safety and traction.  No sandals, flip flops, boots, socks or dress shoes please!

Students will be given time and are encouraged to shower! Bring your towel and needed items. Students may wish to come to school/class in athletic clothes and bring a fresh set to change into following class, that is perfectly acceptable. Safety is our first concern!

Disrespect:  If we have to speak with you repeatedly 1st offense lose 10-points/2nd offense/Zero for the day. This class is built around mutual respect, self responsibility and self assessment.

Medical Excuses: When you are clearly injured and unable to participate, still report to class, we are still responsible for you and need to know where you are.  If you need to be reassigned to another location we can do so at this time.  You do not lose points for being injured.  Whatever grade you had before the injury is the grade is will have when you are cleared to participate.  If a Doctor gives you a note to say you are out of participation, the doctor must also give you a note to return to participation.  This is a SAFETY, and Liability issue.  This is especially true with concussions.  If you are out the majority of the 9 week you receive an “M’ for medical on your report card.  If you are able to exercise on other body parts or do some independent rehab this can be done at this time as well.

Grades: See the rubric for a breakdown of points, we have a daily assessment system.  We can not override school policy, for example the green card for make up work. The office will determine legal and illegal absences and if credit can be given for that day.  Grades will be updated weekly on CSIU.

Fitness Assessment: All students will complete a full physical fitness assessment at the beginning of the semester aiming for the national standards of fitness.  At the end of the semester, all students, will retest, maxing out in all areas hoping to show improvement of the course of the semester.  Results will be enter into daily fit log and results can be assessed by the student as well as other vested parties.

Daily Scoring Rubric






Attendance and Tardies

Student is always present

Student is sometime late but present

Student is always late but present

Student is absent from class

Level of Engagement

Student participates all the time putting forth extra effort, assisting others and logging all information in folder/dailyfitlog

Student participates but shows little effort and logs all required information in folder/dailyfitlog

Student participates but shows but shows no effort and does not log required information in folder/dailyfitlog.

Student does not participate


Student never displays disruptive behavior. Is a positive leader in class.

Student rarely displays disruptive behavior in class.

Student occasionally displays disruptive behavior in class.

Student is always disrupting the class.

Preparation, Hygeine and Safety

Student is always completely prepared for class

Student forgets shorts and shirt but has athletic shoes.

Student forgets shoes but has shorts and shirt

Student does not change for class.  


*Wearing sweats or shorts to school does not count as being prepared unless you bring a change of clothes for hygiene and preparation purposes.

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