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Biology Keystone Remediation

Given all of the requirements for the Pennsylvania Biology Keystone Exam, and the necessity for remediation and review, I decided that this would be a great place to throw out some resources, review notes, and concept examples to help students prepare for the Biology Keystone.  If additional resources are needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I also have a link to Keystone information provided by Pennsylvania's Department of Education.  This link can provide information such as: test set up, scoring guides, and eligible content.      ---->  PA Keystone Exam - Biology

Online Resources
The web is a great place to review!  Here are a few great places to look!

        The crash course series is a great way to sit back, relax, and watch a review about                 biology.  This series has videos that covers all of the major topics in biology                              without losing the extra details that are important!  

        To add to the original crash course series is the new ecology series that has extra                 videos to help with all of the topics associated to the subject of ecology.  Ecology a                 headliner topic in Module II of the Keystone, so these would be great to watch in                     addition to the other ones!

    3. Khan Academy
        Khan Academy is a great website that allows students to register and view podcast             videos from teachers explaining almost any subject imaginable, many videos                         relating to biology.  Registration is completely free and well worth it!  
 has really developed their available material over the past couple             years, and I really do recommend it for this subject.  They have topics outlined and                 processes diagrammed for easy review.  This site is public with no registration                         required.

        This website is great for those looking to test out what they remember and see how             well they have certain sections mastered.  This site is a public site that allows                         students to  take quizzes and mini multiple choice tests to see how well they know             each topic  under focus.  

           Quia is a public site that allows teachers and other professionals post reviews                            related to different subjects.  Linked is the search engine specified in biology.                        There  are options to select reviews for certain topics and also certain types of                      reviews (flash cards, word searches, quizzes, etc.) .