3rd  Nine Weeks Unit: Maniac Magee

Mania Magee

Unit's will include reading the story, comprehension, response to media and projects

    Week 1-2

Part I Lessons The comprehension sheets and the activities students complete for this part focus on character traits and how the characters interact with each other.  Most of the comprehension sheets require for this part require the students to analyze a character or characters in the chapters for the day.  I also try to get the students to fully recognize the divide between the East and the West sides of Two Mills.


·         Comprehension sheets 1-4a

·         Quiz 1

 Week 3-4

Part II Lessons In this part, I focus on the themes of education and perseverance.  Maniac teaches Grayson how to read and it is an extremely difficult task.  Through comprehension sheets, reading journals, and discussion we look at the power of words, both written and spoken, and how they can help and hurt people.

·         Comprehension sheets 4b 6

·         Reading journals (in place of some comprehension sheets)

 Week 5-6

Part III Lessons In this part, we discuss more about the setting and the theme of overcoming fear to break down barriers.  There are some very vivid scenes (the race, the McNabs house, Russell and Piper on the P & W Trestle) that we use to focus in on the setting to describe how it influences the story.  


·         Comprehension sheets 7 10

·         Reading journals (in place of comprehension sheets)

·         project - map of Two Mills

Week 7

Final Project The final project is to create a story board with 4 events that you think were most important to the theme of the story.

Rinal exam WEek 8

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