Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pre-Algebra Period #2:
1st Nine Weeks Units:
Week 1-4: variable expressions, combining like terms
Week 5-8:  one step, multi-step, and inequality equations

Math  Period #4:  
Weekly Math Lessons:
Money Monday:  Students will complete tasks and activities involving and applying money skills.
Total it Tuesday:  Students will utilize hands on activities that involve adding, subtracting, and multiplication.  An intro to algebraic concepts will also be done. 
Wallet Wednesday:  Each Wednesday students will work on Banking and Checking Concepts.
Thinking Thursdays:  Each Thursday students will participate in progress monitoring lessons and work on individual goals.  Additional activities will be addressed.
Fast Fact Fridays:  Students will work on their basic facts utilizing repetition and reinforcement.
Homework folder Check is on Friday!!!

Period #3
1st Nine weeks Units:

Concepts in all of my math classes may be pre-taught, re-taught, taught with hands-on activities, assigned group work, games, or projects.
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 How do I solve a proportion?


What is the percent proportion?


How do I use a proportion with similar figures? https:////


How do I use a proportion  with consumer math? (tip, tax, discount, etc...)


How do I determine with polygons are similar?



Equations and Inequalities


How do I translate verbal equations and inequalities into math problems? 


How do I solve two step equations?


How do I  solve equations with the distributive property and combining like terms? 


How do I solve two step equations with variables on both sides?


How do I solve and graph two step inequalities?


How do I  graph an inequality?


Functions and Graphing 


How do I use the coordinate system to plot points? 


How do I use a relation table to graph a linear equation?


How do I determine the  Domain and Range? 


How do I determine whether a relation is a function or not? 


How do I find the equation if they just give me the graph? 




Mathematical Expressions 


How do I simplify an algebraic expression? 


How do I evaluate an algebraic expression? 


What is an Arithmetic Sequence?


What is a Geometric Sequence?


Rational Numbers


What is the difference between squaring and square rooting? 


How do I convert standard from in to scientific notation? 


How do I convert scientific notation to standard form? 


How do compare and order fractions, decimals, and percentages? 








How do I model integers using a number line?


How do I model integers using colored chips? 


How do I add and subtract integers?


How do I multiply and divide integers? 



How do I use the order of operations with Integers? 

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Coordinate plane game  Dec 16, 2016, 5:09 AM Julie Johnson
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