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Studio Art

Ms Weyandt

Studio Art I & II

Clarion Area High School



This advanced course is for the mature, self motivated student. Studio Art allows a student to pursue a chosen art area in depth,and gain further understanding of the arts. Students select their own medium and techniques with the instructor to develop projects that will broaden the student’s experiences and/or in depth study.


Studio Art I - Drawing

Studio Art II- Studio Art I


Materials will be provided by instructor.

*Students are asked to provide their own sketchbooks, for daily assignments an artist research. Students may continue to use their sketchbook from the previous for class.

Daily Expectations:

Students will be respectful to one another, supplies, and resources. By showing respect for each other and everything in this room we create a space to safely express each individual.

No inappropriate language will be tolerated.

Supplies must be used, cleaned, and put away properly.

Students will be on time to class, have completed sketchbook assignments, and artwork completed when they are due for grading or critique.

You will be held accountable.

Keep an open mind and a positive attitude. Each individual within the art room walls will always present their best self.



Students will complete 3 projects per 9 weeks. Course plan will be provided by the instructor.

Students will receive grades for finished pieces, sketchbook assignments (both in class and homework), artist statements, and class participation.

Grading criteria may include, but is not limited to:

Use of elements and principles

Creativity and Originality





93-100 A

85-92 B

77-84 C

69-76 D

0-68 F

A grade less than 70 indicates an issue in the art room. A student/teacher or parent/teacher conference will be scheduled under these terms. Parents will be notified if there are concerns about a students’ progress.

Instructor Contact: Caitlin Weyandt

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